An Unlikely Success Story

Growing up in the coal camps of West Virginia in the 1930s and 1940s was not the most glamorous or ideal way to experience the American dream, but Davis Electric Company Founder Anthony (Tony) Tarley found something inside him that would drive him to a better life- his family.


His father passed at the young age of 50, like so many coal miners in the days before mine safety caught up to our current standards, leaving behind a young widow, ten children under the age of 18, and no money.  At once, Tony stepped into the working world at the ripe, hardened age of 13.  Beginning as a block & brick mason helper, Tony eventually made his way to machinist school and later the U.S. Air Force. During his time in the U.S. Air Force, Tony reached the rank of Sergeant and learned the Supply Chain skills that made his maintenance crews shine in airplane reliability ratings and downtime minimization that he carried into practice in later years.  

Tony Tarley.jpg

     Anthony Tarley

March 1, 1936 – Nov 12, 2016

We cannot verify that his methods were always by the book, but his planes were in the air more than any other crews' in Brownsville, Texas at that time, according to legend.  It is unconfirmed that he had enough spare parts to build an entire airplane as he artfully evaded inventory checks.  The leadership and organizational skills he learned in the military served him well.


Upon his return to West Virginia, Tony worked at the West Virginia Armature Company where he excelled as a Salesman and Shop Manager at the Fairmont, West Virginia facility. Along his travels, he met a bright young man named Jack Davis, and the two became friends.  In 1975, the pair bought Davis Electric from Jack’s Father and formed a Davis Electric Company, Inc. Tony became the sole owner in 1979, growing the Company to 52 Employees and 3 locations in 2012. 


In 2016 he passed away, still working & sharp at the age of 80.

Mark Tarley


Mark is the President of Davis Electric.  He worked as an Electrical Engineer in North Carolina for Shurtape Technologies and later as an owner of a small Automation & Controls company.

Mark has worked as a designer & programmer, producing UL-508 Control Panels & Automated Controls for OEM's & End Users alike.  Mark has also worked at Davis Electric as a Machine Designer, QC Manager and Salesman wearing many different hats within the family business, pushing to become an EASA Member in the early 1990’s.


Mike Tarley

Vice President & CFO

Mike is the Vice President of Davis Electric and has been a lifelong employee of Davis Electric since studying Engineering & Electronics in college.  He has worked in all facets of the company until he became Vice President & Part Owner in the early 2000's.

Mike has been responsible for developing most of the Motor & Pump product lines sold & serviced by Davis Electric as well as most of the tremendous growth at Davis Electric from 1994 to Present. He has training in various Motor and Pump Application & Sales Engineering Programs as well as Pump Service Certifications.